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Add Text to Shapes in Microsoft Word Tutorial

Add Text to Shapes in Microsoft Word Tutorial

Months back I pinned this tutorial on how to add text to shapes in Microsoft Word. Here’s the pin if you want to check it out. I went back to the pin make my Valentine’s Creation and clicked on the pin and the blog is no longer around. I searched and searched for the tutorial and couldn’t find anything. So if this looks familiar, I used the picture from the pin as inspiration and went to work figuring out how to do this. Now, there is a huge possibility that my way and the original way are two totally different ways so here is the way I figured out how to do it. I tried several different ways to get this done too so please, if you have an easier way, feel free to share :)

(If the screen shots are too small, click on them to enlarge)

Step 1: Create New Word Document. I use the Landscape Page Layout Orientation, Widen my Margins, and Centered my text. Then Type your Text.

I used the song my husband and I danced to at our wedding: “It’s Our Love” Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. Here’s how mine looked after I increased the font size and added color to the words I wanted to highlight.You can see how it looks with wide margins, centered text and landscape page layout. This helps when pasting into the shape by filling it entirely to avoid spaces.

Step 2: Copy your Text from Microsoft Word. Open your Paint program, and Paste your text into the Paint document. After you paste your text, you’ll need to crop all that white space.

This is what it will look like after you crop the white space. You can only see the text on the white background.

Step 3: Save your Paint file as a picture. I use jpeg but png works fine as well.

Step 4: Go back to Microsoft Word and draw your shape. Here I’m using a heart but there are several shapes you can choose from. Go to the top tab and select shapes, the drop down menu will show you your shapes. You can then draw it on your document in whatever size you’d like.

Step 5: Insert your Text Picture inside the shape. Under your format toolbar, you can select Shape Fill and the drop down menu has the option for a Picture. Select Picture and then upload your Paint Document you saved earlier. This loads the text picture into the shape.

This is what it will look like:

Step 6: Remove the outline. Under Format, select Shape Outline and select the “No Outline” option. It removes the line around the heart.


You can then print it out on a nice cardstock and frame it for a perfect gift!