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DIY Scrapbook Paper Tree Holiday Art

Scrapbook Paper Holiday Art – Total Cost UNDER $5
Bringing you another easy peasy cheapie weapie way to festivize (yes, I make up new words) your home this holiday season! If you know me, you’ll know my craft specialty consists of Scrapbook Paper. I don’t want to scare anyone away with anything fancy, so I’ll stick with what I know.

*Disclaimer- I saw something similar to this online, somewhere, a few years back. I didn’t book mark it, it was pre Pinterest, I can’t find it now to give it credit. So whoever you are, thanks for the inspiration!

Supplies needed: Scrapbook Paper of your choice, 1 Foam Board. Scissors, & Glue.

I picked these scrapbook papers because they are in the Silver/Red Color scheme I love. The Candy Cane print was just too perfect to pass up. The three of these papers normally cost $4.00. I used a coupon and it was actually less but details schmetails (More fun made up words!)

I went a little fancy with the paper because 1) I love Glitter and 2) I had to have them.

Next, find a piece of Triangle or Christmas Tree Clip Art to print out and use as your template.

Cut out your three pieces and I also cut 3 stars out of each paper for the tops of the tree. Last minute I made a few bases for the trees with some brown paper. It needed it 🙂

Now here’s where the SUPER Savings Comes In. Instead of buying a Canvas, or a Frame, or anything costly or fancy to display your Christmas Trees, buy this Foam Board for ONE DOLLAR. I use them for Parties, to display tons of temporary decor. They’re strong enough to stand on their own and did I mention they cost ONE DOLLAR? I get mine at the dollar store. They have them at Walmart but they’re more than a buck so I stick with the dollar store.

See- Nice boring foam board…..Transformed!

Next, you glue your trees and stars on to the foam. I’ve tried Mod Podge, it just doesn’t work as well on this type of surface. Stick with regular glue sticks. They’re perfect. And cheaper.

Finally, you need to cut your foam board to make it into a sign. You can make it large or small. I went for a smaller sign. Cutting the foam board is tricky. I’ve tried scissors, I’ve tried a kitchen knife but this is the way to do it. Pay Attention Pah-Leese! (RHONJ anyone?)

The BEST way to cut your foam board is with an exacto knife. It’s sharp enough to give you a straight edge. I usually line up something straight and glide the exacto against it to get a straight line. This time I used my kids toy. The one with all the animals that you can make pop up. It works perfectly as a guide and gave me a straight line.

And voila! Super cute Christmas Tree Scrapbook Paper Art for less than $5. I still have tons of fancy paper left over for more projects!

See now why I love glitter? So sparkly!