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    St. Patty’s Planning

    St. Patrick’s Day is a pretty big deal for our family, for obvious reasons. I’ve already busted out our box of decorations. The Irishman has been collecting these things his whole life and we bought some great stuff in Ireland so we have quite a few interesting pieces. Once I get around to taking pics, I’ll post em. Some of our Irish stuff stays up year round so that makes it easy.

    We’re having a party, surprise surprise I know. We traditionally do it pretty big, but since we’ve become parents this has changed a bit. I just went through some of our old St. Patrick’s Day party pics and might put together a flashback post (if I can find anything bloggy appropriate.)

    We already know we’re going to make Corned Beef and Cabbage. I’ve tried to make it for years but as if to prove I’m a true Italian, it always comes out terrible. I don’t know how I can mess up sticking beef and cabbage in a crock pot but trust me, it’s possible. So, the man will take care of that part of the evening and I have moved on to treats, yum!

    I have my supplies ready and am just watching the clock tick away until I can put them to use.
    I’ve got my sprinkles, icing/chocolate coloring, and of course my shamrock cookie cutter.
    I’m going to make St. Patrick’s Day themed chocolate covered pretzel rods.
    I may attempt these molds (again) but they always come out badly so we’ll see how motivated I am
    I’m undecided between cookies and cupcakes. I’m leaning towards cookies so I can use my cookie cutter but I have a tub of frosting that’s been calling my name so I may do cupcakes. We ALL know I might just do both but for now I’ll pretend that I’m thinking about it.
    These are my inspirational photos and I will guarantee mine look nothing like this : )
    Finally, I want to make a rainbow fruit salad. Why? Because I saw it in Parent’s magazine and have been obsessed ever since.
    Or maybe a skittles rainbow, it would be much easier.
    And of course, no party would be complete with some Lucky Charms
    Maybe I’ll even make Kaylin this Leprechaun Lunch….Maybe….
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    Scrap Paper Filled Ornament – Tutorial

    I know, I know, I’m blowing your mind with these crafts a two year old could do incredibly sophisticated craft tutorials but what can I say, I’m on a roll.
    These are fun, easy, and can be made to match ANY color theme.
    All you need is:
    Glass Ornaments $2.99 for a 6 pack on a Black Friday Sale (yes!), Scrap Paper, Scissors, and a pen.
    Step 1 – Cut paper into strips…shocking, I know  🙂
    I cut them into about 1-1.5 inches wide and cut the 12 inch strips in half so they were 6 inches long.
    Roll the paper around a pen, I did this tightly to keep the curl
    Take the top off the ornament and stick the pen in with the wrapped paper
    Stuff in your scrap paper and voila! You’re done! I used about 8 -10 pieces per ornament, you can use more or less, depending on the size of your paper and how much you want it filled.
    I added a colored ribbon also just to add a little extra flare!
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    DIY Dollar Store Holiday Wreath

    DIY Dollar Store Holiday Wreath. Easy, Affordable, and can be made Custom to your Style!

    Here’s the deal, I love the Dollar Store. I can’t seem to get enough…ever. What I like even more, is doing crafts with stuff bought at the dollar store. What I’m basically saying is….I’m Cheap Frugal.

    I went for Halloween decor and came out with a bunch of Christmas stuff. Seriously, the early birds always get the best stuff so I figured it’s never too early to start Christmas Crafting.

    The BEST part about this wreath, is this idea can be used for ANY combination of Colors and Accents to match your Style and Decor.  I have a slight obsession with Red/White/Silver so that’s what I went for.

    Supplies for this:
    Grapevine Wreath
    2 Tinsel Garlands
    1 Pack of Bows
    1 Flower Stems
    Total Cost $5 – TOTALLY in my budget!
    *First I wrapped the Silver/Red Garlands together.
    You can skip this step since they had some multi colored garlands already. But since I wanted Red/Silver, I had to buy two.
    *Wrap your wreath. I tucked the garland into the grapevine and wrapped it a few times to keep it secure.

    I almost considered leaving it because I like it so much but it was just too plain for me. I moved on to embellishments! Again, you can get anything. They had stars, bells, ornaments, holly, berries, the options are endless.

    I cut the flowers and the glittered fruit from the stems so I could stick them in between the garland and the wreath and they were really secure. No glue or anything. Then I added the bow, which had a twist tie, and voila! Cute right?! I still have a bunch of supplies left over from this craft, Not bad for $5!

    I spared my husband and took it down but it WILL be back up after Thanksgiving :)

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    12 Months of Pre-Planned Date Nights

    12 Months of Pre-Planned Date NightsPart of my New Year, New You resolution was to spend more quality time with my hubby so when I was trying to decide on gifts, I found this one on Pinterest via Find Joy in the Journey and I knew that was exactly what I wanted to do. One of my readers also suggested it so Kudos to cindy!
    12 Months of Pre-planned Dates! All costing pretty much nothing, which fit perfectly into my gift budget. All I purchased were the envelopes, a few nice pieces of scrapbook paper, and some fun stickers.
    Sorry the pictures are not great, I was limited on time and trying to get these stuffed and done by the time he came home.
    January – “Dress Up Dinner Date” at home after the kids go to bed, dinner was pre-planned and I printed out a bunch of fun date conversation questions from Parents.com and put it in the envelope.
     February “Movie Date” – I used a movie gift card we already had and picked the movie, Contraband (because I LOVE Mark Wahlberg movies) and threw some popcorn in there for fun.
    March – “Get Lucky Date” the Irish themed date. Irish Coffees, The Quiet Man movie, and a walk down our Ireland trip memory lane. I got the cute “Get Lucky” printable here.
    April – “The Spa Date” giving the hubby a checklist of options for Massage, Pedicure, Bubble Bath with Lush sugar scrub, or Chocolate Covered __________. Saw this idea at Love Actually.
    May – “Fiesta Night” – Tacos, Corona’s or Margaritas, and the movie Nacho Libre. Got the Hot Hot Hot printable here.
    June – “Picnic and Walk in the Park” with the whole family. Hanging in the park with the family and yummy food.
     July – “Game Night” – Scrabble, Uno, Dominos, Catch Phrase. Bring your game face and be prepared to play
    August – “Tourist Date” – Get the camera and pack up the car, we’re going somewhere new!
    September – “An Evening Under the Stars” – Dinner on the patio under the stars
    October – “Memory Lane Date Night” – This is the month we met and got married so we’ll go to where it all started. We’ll go to the location of our first date, first kiss, and just enjoy “You, Me, and our Memories” I also made a C.D with all of “our” songs on it
    November – “Bed and Breakfast Date” One nights stay at Che Katherine’s, I included a Do Not Disturb sign and I got a cute printable here.
    December – “Slumber Party Date” – Sleeping under the Christmas Tree slumber party!
    I’m SO excited to get my hubby time and I think he really liked his gift. The options are endless and after I was done, I came up with so many more ideas so maybe this can be our fun tradition. I got a lot of great ideas from some of my lady friends, The Dating Diva’s and Love Actually.
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    Thanksgiving and being Thankful

    As Thanksgiving is coming around it’s truly a time to realize what we’re Thankful for. And this year, We’re thankful for so much:
    Thankful for our happy healthy daughter
    Thankful for being able to be parents
    Thankful for the love Brian and I share for eachother
    Thankful for our wonderful marriage and lives we spend together
    Thankful for Dozer (of course he made the list)
    The day was fun sleeping over at my grandparents house and enjoying a day with the family. Dozer ran in the yard all day, he was pooped when we got home. We headed to the Jefferson’s at the end of the night to see the rest of the family and then home. I didn’t get as many pictures as I’d hoped but I still have the memories. Here’s Kaylin, she didn’t make it very long at the Jefferson’s but she looked cute!