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Thanksgiving and being Thankful

As Thanksgiving is coming around it’s truly a time to realize what we’re Thankful for. And this year, We’re thankful for so much:
Thankful for our happy healthy daughter
Thankful for being able to be parents
Thankful for the love Brian and I share for eachother
Thankful for our wonderful marriage and lives we spend together
Thankful for Dozer (of course he made the list)
The day was fun sleeping over at my grandparents house and enjoying a day with the family. Dozer ran in the yard all day, he was pooped when we got home. We headed to the Jefferson’s at the end of the night to see the rest of the family and then home. I didn’t get as many pictures as I’d hoped but I still have the memories. Here’s Kaylin, she didn’t make it very long at the Jefferson’s but she looked cute!