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DIY Dollar Store Holiday Wreath

DIY Dollar Store Holiday Wreath. Easy, Affordable, and can be made Custom to your Style!

Here’s the deal, I love the Dollar Store. I can’t seem to get enough…ever. What I like even more, is doing crafts with stuff bought at the dollar store. What I’m basically saying is….I’m Cheap Frugal.

I went for Halloween decor and came out with a bunch of Christmas stuff. Seriously, the early birds always get the best stuff so I figured it’s never too early to start Christmas Crafting.

The BEST part about this wreath, is this idea can be used for ANY combination of Colors and Accents to match your Style and Decor.  I have a slight obsession with Red/White/Silver so that’s what I went for.

Supplies for this:
Grapevine Wreath
2 Tinsel Garlands
1 Pack of Bows
1 Flower Stems
Total Cost $5 – TOTALLY in my budget!
*First I wrapped the Silver/Red Garlands together.
You can skip this step since they had some multi colored garlands already. But since I wanted Red/Silver, I had to buy two.
*Wrap your wreath. I tucked the garland into the grapevine and wrapped it a few times to keep it secure.

I almost considered leaving it because I like it so much but it was just too plain for me. I moved on to embellishments! Again, you can get anything. They had stars, bells, ornaments, holly, berries, the options are endless.

I cut the flowers and the glittered fruit from the stems so I could stick them in between the garland and the wreath and they were really secure. No glue or anything. Then I added the bow, which had a twist tie, and voila! Cute right?! I still have a bunch of supplies left over from this craft, Not bad for $5!

I spared my husband and took it down but it WILL be back up after Thanksgiving :)