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Pets and Personal Finances

Pets and Personal Finances

Pets can be far more costly than most people would believe and owning a pet is a lengthy and extensive commitment. However, this doesn’t mean that pets have to be expensive in order to be healthy and happy. There are many ways that a pet owner can use to cut their monthly budget while still keeping their pet in the best of health. Many pet owners may not even realize that the choices they make to save money on their pet will actually adversely affect both their pet and their finances in the future.


Buy Premium Pet Food

One of the best ways that many people can save money on their pets is actually by buying the more expensive pet food. Some owners avoid expensive pet foods for the same reason that they avoid expensive food for themselves: they assume that expensive pet food doesn’t make all that much of a difference and that it is a luxury. However, this is not true. Cheap and even moderately priced pet foods can be extremely unhealthy for a pet. They will not only shorten its lifespan but can also cause medical problems.


Pet food is usually the only thing a pet is consuming which means it’s absolutely vital to pay for the best food possible. This will save money in two ways. Pets will actually eat less of an expensive pet food than a cheap one because cheap ones are full of filler material and have no nutrition. Pets will also need less medical care both now and in their later years, and vet care can be extremely costly.


Keep Vaccinations and Medication Up to Date

Vaccinations and medications may seem expensive and opinion polls show that many pet owners believe that they are mostly useless. However, animal vaccinations are not like human vaccinations. While most human vaccinations and medications are for relatively harmless diseases such as the flu, animal vaccinations and medications are often against fatal and difficult-to-treat diseases.


While a human may not need to take medication to fight off worm infections, a dog that does not have the proper worming medication for even a few months could contract a fatal case of heart worm and die. Medications are extremely important for the health of an animal both for their own safety and because treatment is far more costly than prevention. Those who find that their animal’s medications are eating a hole in their pocketbook can consider ordering from online websites. Prescriptions will usually be necessary but the cost can be quite a bit lower online than anywhere else.


Consider Pet Insurance

Some breeds of animals are more prone to certain diseases than others. For instance, many large breeds of dogs will develop hip dysplasia in their later life. For animals that an owner suspects will have health problems later on, pet insurance can be a viable way to save money financially. Pet insurance is usually inexpensive and operates much like human insurance. It can reduce the cost of pet medications, cover some of the costs of annual visits, and help with the costs of any treatment the pet might need in the future. Not all pet insurance companies are made the same so a pet owner who is interested in pet insurance should carefully go over all the information and what is covered under the policy.