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St. Patty’s Planning

St. Patrick’s Day is a pretty big deal for our family, for obvious reasons. I’ve already busted out our box of decorations. The Irishman has been collecting these things his whole life and we bought some great stuff in Ireland so we have quite a few interesting pieces. Once I get around to taking pics, I’ll post em. Some of our Irish stuff stays up year round so that makes it easy.

We’re having a party, surprise surprise I know. We traditionally do it pretty big, but since we’ve become parents this has changed a bit. I just went through some of our old St. Patrick’s Day party pics and might put together a flashback post (if I can find anything bloggy appropriate.)

We already know we’re going to make Corned Beef and Cabbage. I’ve tried to make it for years but as if to prove I’m a true Italian, it always comes out terrible. I don’t know how I can mess up sticking beef and cabbage in a crock pot but trust me, it’s possible. So, the man will take care of that part of the evening and I have moved on to treats, yum!

I have my supplies ready and am just watching the clock tick away until I can put them to use.
I’ve got my sprinkles, icing/chocolate coloring, and of course my shamrock cookie cutter.
I’m going to make St. Patrick’s Day themed chocolate covered pretzel rods.
I may attempt these molds (again) but they always come out badly so we’ll see how motivated I am
I’m undecided between cookies and cupcakes. I’m leaning towards cookies so I can use my cookie cutter but I have a tub of frosting that’s been calling my name so I may do cupcakes. We ALL know I might just do both but for now I’ll pretend that I’m thinking about it.
These are my inspirational photos and I will guarantee mine look nothing like this : )
Finally, I want to make a rainbow fruit salad. Why? Because I saw it in Parent’s magazine and have been obsessed ever since.
Or maybe a skittles rainbow, it would be much easier.
And of course, no party would be complete with some Lucky Charms
Maybe I’ll even make Kaylin this Leprechaun Lunch….Maybe….